Freshly-Caught Dungeness Crab

LINDA BRAND CRAB & SEAFOOD in Chinook, Washington, is known for their Wild Whole Cooked Dungeness Crabs. These are harvested off the coastline of Washington and Oregon by our local crab producers.  Each crab is hand-selected, and processed directly by our staff using a special cooking and chilling process.


All our Dungeness crabs are cooked fresh in- house, chilled to  38 degrees to retain delicious flavor. They are then packed in coolers  or wax boxes with our gel packs instead of ice that dillutes flavor, this retain freshness.


The crabs are sold individually or wholesale by the pound. We primarily supply New Season Grocery Stores, our Home Store here in Chinook, Washington, crabs are also available in the following Farmers Markets, including:

• Portland Farmers Market
• King Farmers Market
• Beaverton Farmers Market
• Hollywood Farmers Market
• Lake Oswego Farmers Market
• Hillsdale Farmers’ Market
• Milwaukie Sunday Farmers Market

Fresh Fish & Smoked Seafood

Collaborating with many local fishermen,  our company’s founder Patricia "Ruby" Edwards and co-founder Captain John Edwards  a fisherman himself for more than 40 years, John  purchases all our seafood , fish are hand-selected, individually packed, and labeled by our staff. We use Jacobsen Sea Salt in our fish brines and we smokes each load of smoked fish to delicious  perfection. Each piece of smk fish and Salmon jerky is vacuum packed and can be stored in your fridge unopened for up to 60 days.

Availability & Pricing

All fish are available seasonally throughout the year. They are sold by the pound, and are priced according to the supply and demand dictated by the market. Fish sold include:

• Salmon • Albacore Tuna • Black Cod • Bottom Fish
• Alaskan Halibut • Rock Fish • Dover Sole

Quality Shellfish

Oysters and clams are farmed  in Willapa Bay, one of the most pristene bays in the US. We receive fresh Manilla Clams harvested by Ernie Soule from Soule Harbor Seafood, Pacific Shucked Oysters from Ekone Oyster Co.and Pacific Oyster shellstock from Bay Center Mariculture Center. Willapa Bay shellfish is known for its unique briney flavor by many.

 Prepared Products

A selection of our own products is provided for our customers to enjoy. We Smoked Black Cod, Smoked Salmon, Smoked Pepper Salmon, and Salmon Jerky. We also offer  Smoked Albacore Tuna when in season. Jalapeno, plain, and teriyaki versions are  available. Each product is sealed in vacuumed  packages to seal in flavor.

Contact us in Chinook, Washington, to purchase fresh fish and shellfish caught from the coastline of Washington and Oregon.