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LINDA BRAND CRAB & SEAFOOD sells fresh harvested Dungeness Crabs, Oysters & Clams. We specialize in wild Dungeness crab harvested off the coast of Washington and Oregon.


Our fresh fish is hand-selected by Capt. John off local fishing boats. Caught in the North Pacific waters off the mouth of the Columbia River.  Whole fish, halves and pieces, the freshest fish available.

Our Smoked Fish & Canned Albacore Tuna

LINDA BRAND CRAB & SEAFOOD is known to provide quality smoked fish and canned Albacore Tuna. View our gallery of the seafood we offer, and see why customers keep coming back for more.

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Visit Monterey Bay Aquarium for Seafood Information or a Sustainable Seafood Guide
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 Portland Farmers Market & King Farmers Market | Beaverton Farmers Market | Hollywood Farmers Market
Lake Oswego Farmers Market | Hillsdale Farmers' Market | Milwaukie Sunday Farmers Market
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More Than 40 Years of Experience | More Than 18 Years in Business


LINDA BRAND CRAB & SEAFOOD is located near the mouth of the Columbia River in Chinook, Washington,we have more than 40 years of experience in the fishing industry, and collaborate with other fishermen in our area and shellfish farmers in the Willapa Bay area. Our products are available in our Farmers Markets, New Seasons Markets in Portland, OR and our Home Store here in Chinook, WA.

Contact us in Chinook, Washington, today for our fresh seafood and smoked fish!